AA2 Events

AALIANCE2 Final Conference

The AALIANCE2 Final Conference presented the results achieved by the project and disclosed the future framework of the AALIANCE Network. Particularly, the new AALIANCE AAL Roadmap and Strategic Research Agenda and investigations on current standards related to AAL technologies have been presented.

Joint EU/USA AAL Workshop

Professor Dario and several of his team presented an overview of the AALIANCE2 Project and along with the Center on Longevity, gathered input and coordinating discussion with the group. This has been an excellent opportunity to get an overview of the work going on in Europe in this area, have input to their future roadmap, and discuss potential collaborations.

Joint EU/Japan AAL Workshop

The fifth AALIANCE2 Stakeholder Workshop took place in Osaka (Japan) and focused on the identification and prioritization of the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), i.e. sensing, reasoning, acting, interacting and communicating, in the field of AAL.

The Workshop was divided in 4 main sessions: