AALIANCE2 network

AALIANCE2 Network schema

AALIANCE2 Consortium is creating the AALIANCE2 Network, the network of AAL stakeholders working to develop, exploit and deploy AAL services and technologies able to improve wellbeing, quality of life, independence and sociality of European and worldwide elderly persons.

AALIANCE2 Network will provide the opportunity:

  • to connect stakeholders coming from different areas and countries;
  • to be informed and updated about events and opportunities related to AAL sectors;
  • to participate to workshops and studies for dealing with critical issues for the diffusion of AAL services in real society and promoting innovative and effective solutions to the European Commission and AAL Community;
  • to delineate the future of AAL in Europe.

AALIANCE2 will work for making the AALIANCE2 Network a stable and self-sustainable network beyond the project duration.

Join AALIANCE2 Network to take part in AAL future!