New AAL Roadmap

The main results of the WP2 are the AALIANCE2 AAL Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and Roadmap 2014.
The SRA is a short report summarising the main outcomes about AAL technologies and service scenarios obtained out during the project.
Differently the Roadmap describes in depth all the contents analised and investigated during the study, from the needs of AAL stakeholders to key AAL services and technologies and the key issues for the implementation of these innovations in AAL.

New AAL RoadmapDownload the full version of the AAL Roadmap

AAL Strategic Research AgendaDownload the full version of the AAL Strategic Research Agenda

If you prefer, you can download a specific part of the AAL Roadmap, by clicking in one of the following icons.

New AAL Roadmap: Stakeholders needs Roadmap: Scenarios
New AAL Roadmap: Key Enabling Technologies Roadmap: Transversal Issues