New AAL Roadmap: Key Enabling Technologies

The Healthy living scenario

Starting from the ten main service scenarios identified during the AALIANCE2 Project, the key ICT technologies, necessary to enable and implement these solutions, were studied. 
These Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are considered as possible drivers to guide the EU policy for growth and attain responsiveness to societal challenges, industrial leadership, sustainability and excellence in science. They are the basis for the development of AAL systems and services, that are typically comprised of sensors (“Sensing”), IT components that process the sensor data and derive conclusions (“Reasoning”), human-machine interface components (“Interacting”) and actors that execute actions initiated by the system such as switching the light, or raising an alarm in case of an emergency (“Acting”). Obviously the different system components need to communicate with each other in order to provide the overall assistive service for which the system has been designed (“Communicating”).

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