New AAL Roadmap: Scenarios

One of the main objectives of the AALIANCE2 Project is to identify and suggest the most important and innovative scenarios and services that could positively impact the QoL of the ageing population and identify and prioritise the principal technologies necessary to implement them.
To satisfy this goal, the analysis of the main service areas which could satisfy the needs of older people and their caregivers and improve their QoL was carried out. From this study it resulted that the service areas "Prevention", "Compensation and Support" and "Independent and Active Ageing" are the key sectors that could enhance the QoL of elderly people (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).

Figure1: The model of QoL during ageing and the potential effects of AAL service scenarios related to the three AALIANCE2 Service Areas

AAL service areas

Figure2: Scheme of the three AAL Service Areas of the AALIANCE2 Project: Prevention, Compensation & Support and Independent & Active Ageing

Starting from these data, the following ten key service scenarios were defined:

  • Scenario 1: Prevention of early degeneration of cognitive abilities
  • Scenario 2: Healthy living
  • Scenario 3: Management of chronic diseases
  • Scenario 4: Age-friendly and safe environments
  • Scenario 5: Fall prevention
  • Scenario 6: Management of daily activities and keeping control over own life
  • Scenario 7: Maintaining social contacts and having fun
  • Scenario 8: Outdoor mobility (i.e. pedestrians, public transport and private cars)
  • Scenario 9: Avoiding caregiver isolation
  • Scenario 10: Senior citizens at work

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