JADE Final Conference

Sviluppo Marche SpA Regional Development Agency of the Marche Region organised to the Final Conference of the JADE Project, presented under the framework of the Region of Knowledge Initiative of the Capacities Program of the 7FP titled "Regional Knowledge for Independent Living of the Elderly" that will be held in Brussels next 5th december 2013 in the Marche Regional Authority Delegation - Round Point Schuman, 14.
The conference would provide an opportunity to discuss and learn from the implementation of the JADE project, encouraging knowledge sharing and fostering relationships and networking opportunities among stakeholders from different regions.
During the event speakers from European Commission, Territorial Cooperation, Research Centres, End-user representatives, and enterprises wishing to capitalize successful experience and to cooperate in the development of project ideas and cluster internationalization strategies.

For more information about the JADE Final Conference, visit the website dedicated to the JADE Project (Joining Approaches for the integration and Development of transnational knowledge clusters policies related to independent living of Elderly) and to register into the REGISTRATION FORM of the Event.
Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 09:30 to 14:45
Brussels, Belgium