Enablers for Success - E4S Conference

The conference addresses the complete spectrum of stakeholders in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA): technical experts, IT and device developers, service providers, care providers, end-users and policy makers. It provides an open and dynamic forum for exchange of news, views and ideas about the next steps in making ICT support for Active and Healthy Ageing a reality across Europe.


  • Prominent keynote speakers to set the scene and inspire discussion.
  • Agenda promoting open and frank discussion and debate amongst participants.
  • Emphasis on making it real: strategies to reach the market while responding to challenges from the technical side.
  • Three round-table topics:
    • “Public Administrations as Enablers”
    • “The IT Perspective and the Enablers for Success”
    • “Secure market’s success: the integration of users’ views”
  • “Demo lounge”, with demonstrations from a variety of projects

The “demo lounge” will include demonstrations from EU FP7 projects universAAL and Home Sweet Home (the projects arranging the conference), and from other relevant projects.

Provisional Agenda:
08:30    Registration

   Introduction to the Conference

Joe Gorman – Dimitri De Rooze
Coordinators, universAAL and Home Sweet Home projects

Welcome address
Xavier Trias
Major of Barcelona. President of MWC Foundation
Agustín Cordón
Managing Director at Mobile World Capital

09:30    Presentations of universAAL and Home Sweet Home projects
Casper Marcusen, RSD (universAAL)
Dimitri De Rooze, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen (Home Sweet Home)

10:15    Paul Timmers: 'The opportunities of H2020'
Director, Sustainable & Secure Society. European Commission
Directorate-General CONNECT

11:00    Coffee break and free discussion

11:30    Alexandre Kalache: "Enabling Active Ageing in an Age-friendly Society"
President, International Longevity Centre - Brazil
Senior Advisor on Global Aging, the New York Academy of Medicine
HelpAge International Global Ambassador on Ageing

12:00    Round Table 1: The barriers between the medical and the social services
Chair: George Crooks, NHS 24
Agneta Granström, Norrbotten County Council, Sweden
Claus Duedal Pedersen, Regions South Denmark
Joan Carles Contel, Department of Health, Generalitat de Catalunya

13:00    Lunch and networking

14:15    Round Table 2: The IT perspective and the Enablers for success
Chair: Ad van Berlo – Smart Homes, The Netherlands
Yardena Peres - IBM Research. Haifa, Israel
Reiner Wichert - Fraunhofer-Allianz AAL, Germany
Torsten Kolin - Younoodle.com, US

    Round Table 3: Secure market’s success: the integration of users’ views
Chair: Nena Georgantzi - AGE Platform Europe, Belgium
Wouter A. Keijser, Medical Director, HSH project
Jordi Vilana, Consorci Sanitari i Social de Catalunya
Heidrun Mollenkopf - BAGSO, HSH Advisory Board member, Germany

16:15   Coffee break

    Final conclusions and wrap up
Joe Gorman, universAAL
Marco d’Angelantonio, Home Sweet Home
Joan Cornet, Mobile World Capital, Spain

17:15   Closing remarks
Antoni Maria Grau, General Director of the Department of Industry, Generalitat de Catalunya

17:25   Conference Closing

'Demo lounge' exhibition:
Invited projects presenting their results to attendees in a parallel room.

Training Workshop:
universAAL project is also organising a one day training workshop in parallel. The aim is to introduce universAAL platform to developers and show them how to start with basic development in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) environment and principles of how to integrate external existing service with universAAL platform. This training session will be held during the same day in other venue.
More information and how to register for this training workshop can be found here: www.universaal.org/training/index.php/events/barcelona

Mobile World Centre

2 Carrer de Fontanella
08002 Barcelona

Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 09:30 to 19:00
Barcelona, Spain