European Knowledge Tree Group 2014 Conference

The European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG) has met periodically since the Ambient Assisted Living Forum in Odense in 2010. Recent meetings include sessions at AAL 2013 in Sweden and at the TSA event in Birmingham. It is an ad hoc high level group drawn from across technology, finance, service, policy and innovation sectors it has drilled into the barriers and drivers around mainstream market uptake of independent living services, including:

Bringing effective actors together to plan real change

Accelerating uptake of ICT & Ageing Solutions

Determining impact indicators and methodologies for real goals

Generic business drivers and barriers

Health and care market reforms,

Procurement and contract implications

Persistence of knowledge (including real impact from research)

Impact of the market East, West, where does that leave you?

The real meaning of Horizon 2020, is there one or just more words?

 On 24 and 25 March the EKTG will meet again in London to consider:

Large numbers of pilots and demonstrators have taken place. ..Why not in the mainstream?

How do we educate the people who need it?

How do we pay for what’s needed?

What can technology do for: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Sensory Deficits?

How can we transfer technology from field to field, nano to macro technologies?

Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues – do you meet them?

Persuading the politicians, or are they just too short-term?

Can your feet really touch the ground?
What is your contribution to an ageing population?

Speakers include:

Victoria MacDonald, Channel 4 TV NEWS,

Rich Walker, Shadow Robot Company Ltd.,

Michael Matheson, Scottish Government Minister for Public Health,

Ed Vaisey, Department of Media, Culture, and Sport,

Steve Bonner, Walkerburn Watch Healthy Living Project,

Lino. PAULA, EU Ethical Issues, Brussels,

Peter Wintlev-Jensen, INFSO, ICT for Ageing, EU,

Professor Martin Knapp, PSSRU, LSE

Giovanna Galasso, Price Waterhouse, Rome, Italy

Laura Herrero Urigüen, IFIMAV, Spain,

Professor Heinz Wolff, Brunel Univeristy,

Colin Ettinger, Irwin Mitchell Personal Injury Solicitors,

Tony Hunter, GreenAccess,

Sabine Lobnig, Mobile Manufacturers Forum, Vienna,

Speakers from SCIE, BUPA, and The Law Commission,

Tonu Karu, Estonia, and many others…. 

 and YOU??

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Monday, March 24, 2014 - 13:00 to Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 16:00
London, United Kingdom