Zuidzorg - Telecare

Telecare for supporting caregivers to make it possible to stay at home

Mr. and Mrs. Foster (74 and 71) are happily married for 50 years. Together they have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. They all live in the neighborhood.

It was a real shock in 2008 to hear the diagnose Alzheimer. Since then his physical and mental condition is going backwards.

Mr. Foster is very disappointed that he is not allowed to drive anymore. Mrs. Foster never got her license. But lately they got a special ‘twin’ electronic bike so luckily they are more ‘mobile’ now to make daytrips in the area. That is very important for them.

They started with telecare because the homecare nurse advised them to do, so they can have regularly contact when something happens with Mr. Foster. He has difficulties with walking and falls down quite often. Also he has behavioral problems. He can be very aggressive, especially to his wife. They used to go to or to call the doctor (general practitioner) all the time. Now they have contact with the telecare nurse. She gives advice what to do in case of emergency and what to do when Mrs. Foster is desperate what to do with the behavior of Mr. Foster. It is very comforting for them. It gives them a safe feeling.

Besides that they have regularly contact with the telecare nurse twice a week. “Together we sit down on the sofa in front of the screen, just nice and cosy!” Mrs. Foster tells, “I am very happy to ask for advice via the telecare system. It is easy to do and convenient when ever it is necessary. Also it is nice not to disturb our children or our doctor all the time for al the big and small problems I have today caused by the disease of my husband. I feel really supported with telecare.”