6th AALIANCE2 Stakeholder Workshop: Consensus Building Workshop on AAL Roadmap and SRA

"Consensus Building Workshop on AAL Roadmap and SRA"

Banner of the 6th workshop


This sixth AALIANCE2 Stakeholder Workshop aims to consolidate the structure and contents of the first version of the AALIANCE2 Roadmap and Strategic Research Agenda produced during the first period of the Project and to probe and build on them new improved and enriched AALIANCE2 contents. Particularly, the Workshop will focus on the consolidation and identification of major AAL stakeholders’ needs, societal and economic aspects and technology requirements and trends for AAL.


Suitable persons for the AALIANCE2 Workshop are experts in the AAL domain, such as AAL technology developers and researchers, ICT service providers and technology suppliers, standardization organizations, AAL service designers, end-user organization, healthcare providers, caregivers, industry, etc. Experts’ experience must include at least substantial analysis and insights of end-user needs and motives, assessment and experimentation with (innovative) technologies in realistic cases, or exploration and design of innovative Product Service Systems for AAL.


A limited number of different expert stakeholders in the field of AAL will be accepted and invited to participate in the AALIANCE2 Workshop. Before the Workshop, accepted experts will be invited to register to the AALIANCE2 Expert Board through the new AALIANCE2 website in order to access to the most updated versions of AAL Roadmap and SRA material produced by the AALIANCE2 Consortium. Expert participants will thus be able to get ready for the workshop and select the most appropriate conceptual area of the Roadmap and SRA where to contribute:

  1. AAL stakeholders’ needs and services in the three AAL pillars, i.e. Prevention, Compensation and Support, Independent Living (recommended, but not required, for End-user organizations, healthcare service providers, socio-medical operators, etc.)
  2. AAL Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), i.e. sensing, reasoning, acting, interacting, communicating (recommended, but not required, for AAL technology developers and researchers, ICT service providers and technology suppliers, etc.)

We invite you to participate in this Workshop, as a key expert!

In particular you are asked to contribute with your experience in the AAL field to a series of workshop activities specially designed to achieve our goal: design an enriched AALIANCE2 Roadmap and SRA. Your engagement should also help to better understand how the AALIANCE Roadmap and SRA could be useful for the wide range of stakeholders involved. We kindly ask you to extend this invitation also to colleagues and partners of relevant (national or European) projects you are involved in.

Please send a confirmation to Dr. Filippo Cavallo (f.cavallo@sssup.it) by September 20, 2013 if you are interested and available to take part in the workshop. Further specify your affiliation and the area in which you would like to contribute (AAL Pillars or AAL KETs). In case of KETs, please indicate also two of the five enabling technologies (sensing, reasoning, acting, interacting and communicating) in which you are more expert or interested.

If you accept to participate in the Workshop, you will receive guidelines to participate in the event and contents of the previous AALIANCE Roadmap.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 11:00 to 19:00
Norrköping, Sweden