Joint EU/Japan AAL Workshop

The fifth AALIANCE2 Stakeholder Workshop took place in Osaka (Japan) and focused on the identification and prioritization of the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), i.e. sensing, reasoning, acting, interacting and communicating, in the field of AAL.

The Workshop was divided in 4 main sessions:
Session 1: presentation of the current AALIANCE2 AAL Roadmap 2013 and of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication(MIC) to share contents between Europe and Japan;
Session 2: presentations of Japanese and European experts about the vision of ICT, AAL, Robotics, etc. technologies in the next decades;
Session 3: open discussion to discuss, share and consolidate the main Key Enabling Technologies;
Session 4: prioritization of the five enabling technologies in short-, mid- and long-term, according to the AAL scenarios and services described in the Roadmap.