ZuidZorg, The Netherlands

LOGO ZuidzorgIn The Netherlands, the Homecare is regionally organised. Most organisations are non-profit organisations as is ZuidZorg, which services the Eindhoven area.
The terminology Homecare might be confusing because it consists of different product-lines, which are separately financed and organised. In the following table, the services of ZuidZorg are described as well as the source of finance in 2008.

ZuidZorg services Financed by budget
x € 1.000
Home Nursing & Care AWBZ (state) 36.000
Home Cleaning services Wmo (Local gov.) 19.773
Specialised family care AWBZ / Wmo 2.700
Youth preventive healthcare Municipality 7.200
Child and Maternity Homecare Health care insurance 4.373
Nutritional advice and Dietician services Health care insurance 870
Homecare Utility Shop  Wmo / AWBZ / Private 3.500
Call centre
Social Alarm systems
Dinner service
Remote Care Services
AWBZ / private 5.300