WP2 - Roadmapping and SRA

The general objective of the WP2 is to investigate the strategic visions and RTD roadmap in ICT for “ageing well”, starting from the previous work already done in the AALIANCE project (Jan. 2008 – Mar. 2010), during which the AALIANCE AAL Roadmap and AALIANCE AAL Strategic Research Agenda were published.
Particularly, the objectives of WP2 are:

  • to analyse the state of arts of AAL technologies with particular emphasis to changes of the last three years for comparison with AALIANCE;
  • to organize and manage activities for gaining and collecting contents, opinions, ideas, penetration, and developments for the AAL technologies;
  • to improve and update the current AALIANCE AAL Roadmap;
  • to update the priorities for R&D and innovation activities included in the current AALIANCE AAL Strategic Research Agenda.

Public deliverables