WP5 - Community and international relations

The main objectives of WP5 are the following:

  1. Enhancing the existing and sustainable AALIANCE Network involving the major actors, such as companies as technology providers and systems integrators, service providers, research organisations and user associations; from all European members and associated states. This way a close working relationship will be established within the AAL community as well as to the public by creating the interfaces to the “outside” world including oversees organisations;
  2. Investigating the current state-of-the-art and market developments in AAL in North America and Asia. This work will be based on the results of the CAPSIL project and on desk research analysis;
  3. Establishing links to relevant stakeholders in USA and Japan. This work will be based on the policy makers already identified within the CAPSIL project in the USA and Japan. Also relevant researchers and key industry players will be indentified in these regions, starting from the work already done in the CAPSIL project;
  4. Organising joint events USA-EU and/or Japan-EU in order to foster the collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and best practice among the relevant key players (researchers, industry, policy makers, user organisations, …) in the AAL area in the EU, USA and Japan.

Public deliverables